19/04/2024 03:16pm Bangladesh (UTC+6)

Products & Services-6

[According to THE MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION of SACK Trading Limited]


To carry on the business of manufacturing, buying, selling, importing, exporting all types of household hygiene product, paper plate, liquid soap, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, dish wash, hand wash, glass cleaner, tiles and marble cleaner, micro-wave ovens, Air Freshener, Room Freshener, Bath Room Freshener, Stacked washing machine and clothes dryer, Gas fireplace, Blender, Electric Grill, Rice Cooker.

To carry on the business of all types of all cosmetics items of beauty soap, lemon soap herbal, soap, fairness soap, nail polish, remover, snow, talcum powder, antidandruff soap, laundry soap, detergent soap, detergent powder, beauty cream, cold cream, shampoo, hair care oil, body lotion, spot cream, face wash, petroleum jelly, baby lotion, baby soap and all other cosmetics items, organic products, all type of herbal products.