21/05/2024 07:33pm Bangladesh (UTC+6)

Products & Services-2

[According to THE MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION of SACK Trading Limited]


To carry on the business of manufacturing including production and processing and fabrication and assembling, repairing, alternation, buying, importing, marketing, selling and exporting and otherwise dealing in all kinds of equipments, machinery apparatus, tools, assembles, spares, components, jigs, dies, utensils, commodities
for manufacturing all types of automotive components and equipments.

To buy, manufacture, sell, import, export, indent and otherwise deal in all kinds of jute, textiles, chemicals, steel, trucks, buses, chassis, motor bikes, cycles, rickshaw, motor engines engineering, food products, forest products, paper board printing, publishing tannery, leather, rubber products, glass, super markets, hotels, restaurants, confectioners, licensed victuals, mineral or artificial water and other drinks surveyors, carriers and ceramics.